This is the first clip edited from Recycle Your Faith’s 8-month road trip to 30 cities in the US/Canada. It was shot last week in Las Vegas with Vince Antonucci who is planting a church for people who work and live on the Las Vegas strip. To hear updates about the trip, make sure you’ve subscribed to our monthly newsletters. We are also posting updates on our facebook and twitter pages.

Vince describes a subtle shift in thinking in this clip. He suggests that Jesus is less concerned about our beliefs and behavior and more concerned that we follow him. Is this distinction helpful or are the two synonymous for you?
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Vince Antonucci pastors a church in Las Vegas called Verve and has written the books I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt and Guerrilla Lovers.


21 Responses to “Follow Me”

  1. Benjamin Ady says:

    Love the adventure thing, but not so keen on the afraid.

  2. Tommy Altman says:

    Totally agree! and while Im not keen on the afraid part either it is there nonetheless. Astonished and afraid is a great description of my journey for sure. Following Jesus is an insane adventure.

  3. Benjamin Ady says:

    I want to hear specific stories from you, Vince and Tommy, when following Jesus has led you to being afraid–so I can get a better sense for what you are talking about. Can you share?

  4. Like times when I’ve felt like God was leading me to give, what were for me, enormous amounts of money. Or when God called me to start a church from nothing. Or when God called me to move across the country to start another church. Or having to talk to someone, or help someone, or confront someone I didn’t feel prepared or equipped for. Those kinds of things…

    • Benjamin Ady says:

      So Vince,

      would you say you experience the fear you are speaking of as more of a positive, adventurous, adrenalin-rush “I must be crazy” type of thing, rather than a negative, scary, “I wish I hadn’t done this” type of thing?

  5. Dan says:

    This video makes me think how much the “walk” will instill the “talk.” Just start moving, following Jesus and let the chips line up on their own, right? Its not like we are perfect, but as we move forward, we’re led into the path for us. Its easier, too, I think. Rather than thinking we need perfection before we can be followers, we follow after perfection’s lead.
    As for the afraid part, I can identify with that. When I was close to graduating high school, I heard about a missionary school in south Texas. I had never been to the school, but something stuck in my heart. I knew that I was supposed to go to that school. I already had a scholarship to a university in my hometown, but there just wasn’t any denying what I was feeling. My parents objected pretty strongly but I can remember telling them that it was what I was supposed to do and if they wouldn’t support me, I would find a way somehow. The school ended up being a half trailer park ten miles from Mexico. There were only 24 students and the ages ranged from 18 to 61. the school wasn’t really accredited and only lasted nine months. None of this helped to settled my parents any more. To be honest, those first couple weeks were really hard. No one I knew, a place I had very little knowledge of, it was hard. But there, at that little school, I met the woman I have now been married to for the last nine years. I’d say the stepping into the unknown was worth it.

  6. Benjamin Ady says:


    That’s a brilliant story. I met my super awesome amazing beautiful rocking wife, also of 9 years (very nearly) also in a sort of somewhat crazy adventurous missionary type place.

  7. Al Doyle says:

    Can’t wait to be even more astonished and totally afraid! Sound like being truly alive and living life abundantly.

  8. Hey Benjamin, Yeah, I would agree with your statement that it’s “more of a positive, adventurous, adrenalin-rush “I must be crazy” type of thing, rather than a negative, scary, “I wish I hadn’t done this” type of thing?”

  9. Benjamin Ady says:


    kewl–thank you for clarifying. I misunderstood at first. The Christianity I grew up in was so full of that more negative type of fear that I automatically associated with that.

    When have you experienced that fear about talking to someone when you didn’t feel prepared or equipped?

  10. Melissa says:

    Yeah I get you on this Vince. When I was already a believer but not yet a true follower I did some crazy things based on pure excitement but I still had a reason or some sort of a plan (even if it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone else). Now that I truly seek to follow Jesus and His ways I do completely crazy things and yes sometimes they are scary. I agree it’s a ‘good scary’. A few weeks ago I got an idea to have a home cooked dinner served to a local homeless shelter every sunday. Never done that before, didn’t have anyone in mind to help me do it. Less than a month later I have found 4 different groups to go one Sunday a month to cook and serve and just hang out with the residents of the shelter. It was scary and maybe even crazy of me to think that could happen but because I was following Jesus and His ways I just went for it. It might sound small and even not very scary to most but it was a big step for me, even in just directing people in giving of their time and money. It has inspired me to go on more and more ‘adventures’ with Jesus. It’s my relationship with Jesus that inspires me and shows me how to give to others even when I don’t really feel like it. Thanks for sharing your story, I liked it!

    • Craig says:

      Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing your story about delivering food to the homeless shelter. I’d like to share my thought process as I read your comment, mainly because it led me to an interesting thought:
      When I first read your comment I cynically thought “how predictable, someone helping out at a homeless shelter.” I guess when I hear about people doing things typically associated with volunteering I question their motives. Are they doing this because they have a heart for it, or are they really just doing it because they were told they should or worse to make themselves look good (especially celebrities on this one)? After that thought I immediately thought “Hey, what if she DOES have a heart for people in homeless shelters?” Everything you said in your comment pointed toward your having good motives, so I guess it was a good convicting moment for me. I need to learn to be a little less judging and celebrate stories like yours, even when I might not understand motives, etc. That said, way to go Melissa! I hope that as you continue follow Jesus he will lead you into all kinds of crazy places you would have never imagined.

  11. Tommy Altman says:

    The best way to articulate the “fear” I am speaking of is just the whole “stepping into the unknown” part of it for me. For me big growth steps towards God have frequently been things I thought were just crazy. God called my wife and I back to VA to be a part of a church plant. Then after being there three years we felt God tell us to leave, only he didn’t say to where, only leave. I was like crazy, but ok. We left the church only to come into contact with Vince. Then through another crazy string of events felt God say go to Vegas with Vince. Again I thinking, uh crazy but ok. I look back and see all these crazy (fearful) moments and see God at work and Im astonished but while going through them I just thought it was crazy and it scarred me to not be in control. It seems God always ask me to step into the fear and then when I do I become astonished. Astonished by people, by myself and by God.

  12. Benjamin Ady says:


    I love your phrase “step into the fear”. Thank you. It reminds me of the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear from Frank Herbert’s Dune books, which I find matches up somewhat with my own ideal attitude toward fear (not that I manage to accomplish this ideal, you understand):

    I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain

  13. Melissa says:

    Hi Craig,
    I agree it sounds kind of generic when you mention ‘homeless shelter’. That’s why I like discussions like this because it opens the door to go a little deeper. When I first heard Vince talk about having an adventure with God I could relate because in the last 10 years I feel like that’s what I’ve had. I have gained a intimate relationship with Him that does inspire me to do some ‘crazy’ things. I guess crazy on worldly terms and crazy based on how I was raised. When I think of myself ‘following’ Jesus I think about making my heart like His. Here’s what I mean; my husband just returned from a year in Iraq, my kids and I found ourselves heart broken without him. Through that pain I started a website inspiring myself and others to forget about yourself for a short time everyday and give to others (www.movement77.weebly.com). I had ‘Luke 5′ parties where I would invite people I barely knew and were not able to recipricate over for backyard BBQ’s. One very hot day, over 100 degrees I was feeling sorry for myself with a flat tire. I was embarressed of my self pity so later that day got my 3 kids, a cooler with iced down drinks and went out looking for people living on the streets to give them to. The first weekend after my husband came home from Iraq it got very cold very fast here in Kansas. I made a big crock pot of homemade soup and my husband and kids drove me around passing out plastic bowls of it to people cold and hungry on the streets. Wish me luck this Sunday it’s my first one woman ‘bake sale’ at church. 100% of the donations will go to buy needy kids winter coats. I don’t have any kids in mind yet but I know they are out there. I am a fairly good baker so I thought well just go for it! That is more of what I mean when I say adventure. It’s a daily, even moment to moment relationship. I no longer feel like I have to hang on tight to my stuff and my time rather I feel like God’s giving me a chance to partner with Him by giving it away. It means giving away what you want more of, jumping out on a limb when you get a ‘feeling’ you should or could do something for someone and honestly just doing what you can. The adventure for me is just giving God something to work with and finding that the creator of the universe is pretty fun to partner with! Thanks for being honest with your response Craig, it got me thinking!

    • Craig says:

      Hi Melissa! I love how your stories (and the stories shared on movement77) are simple and doable and how they are often prompted in the moment and not so programatic. Rock on!

      • hey dude, at first i thought of like a bowel movement..

        nice idea… so.. you’re like trying to appeal to the ones that need scrip justification with the verses or something.. like it’s divinely authorative.. lol.. REALLY do like the takin the moment to express interaction though.. wish peeps would give it a chance.. just wondering how you could make it more appealing and get that out there better…

        you’re probably kewl though.. thanks for the link ref.. i’ll keep an eye out

  14. Sara says:

    When I heard Vince talking about the verse where the followers were afraid, the very first thing that came to my mind was something Mr. Beaver said in The Chronicles of Narnia. “‘Safe?’ said Mr. Beaver…’Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. but he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.’” Following Jesus should not be this tame, mundane, predictable routine. It should be an adventure. This is what I love about following Christ! Thanks, Vince!

  15. Benjamin Ady says:


    that is one of the most brillig quotes from the Narnia books. Thank you for reminding us of it =).

  16. guess i’m different, i totally agree with the adventure and fear thing, and maybe it’s semantics.. but this “following thing”.. imitating, mimicing.. and that it has to be in this obviously religious or philanthropic way.. still reaks of a label thing.. and doesn’t get to the heart of what you’re saying Vince..

    Frankly although the Shock and awe thing of an adventure with Jesus maybe appealing to me in a vacation bible sort of simplicity kinda way.. not starting with an awareness of the subtler aspects of faith and love in that “leading” seems a lil irresponsible of a “sheperd” bud.. the adventure of being otheryliness, generosity, small ways of caring.. takes a building of appreciation for the distinct person of divine love we resonate with in the testimonies written in flesh and the personalities in the bible..

    I would like to hear how THAT works for you Vince.. those little ways you find to love.. what that means to you.. in a non scrips endorsed, everyday lingo.. i could care less how you put up four walls somewhere and contained god in a box.. although i think your heart makes it much more than that.. in the passion and desire you seem to reflect in the vid’s

    the homeless you always have with ya, and i think there is a great neglect with peoples awareness there definately.. that churchianity has met and also greatly failed.. But it’s in our humanity and understanding.. much as i hear and see in Bart’s vid’s .. that inspire me and mirror an image of divinity working in humanity.. i guess what appeals to me .. and it maybe more of a taste thing i suppose.. but to see the vunerability of both those working in the field and the Divine Personage at large..

    sorry if not making all that much sense.. just is my way.. to just put out conscious stream like that.. there’s questions and concerns in there.. no judgement at all.. i love how pock marked our souls are.. and how we are so hued with the divine in that.. keep rockin the adventure

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