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How do you respond to what Adam says about homosexuality? Do you find his arguments convincing?

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385 Responses to “Homosexuality is a Sin”

  1. Alex says:

    I can recall the time, almost 40 years ago, before I was a Bible-believer and did not have a personal relationship with my Savior. I totally incapable of seeing any sin in my life. Homosexuality, to me at that time, was not sin but simply wrong. Since I had no way to identify it, I was “sin-free”. When I accepted Jesus and His teachings, His Spirit moved into my heart and it was as if a light came on to reveal the sin in my life. Before this, the Bible was simply words put on paper by men. After my “conversion” in 1970 the Bible became the Manufacturers Instruction Manual for my life. I still had the free-will to reject this instruction and proceed as before but had no desire to continue this destructive course. I saw marriage in a new light, I had a desire and a responsibility to pour the light of Christ into the lives of my children, so they too could live in the light, not in darkness. God and His Word will light your path through life and help you to see clearly the pits that lay ahead. I say all this only to let you know, there is a more excelent way. When you accept Jesus Christ as your own Personal savior, you too will see your life through a new set of eyes and you will see, clearly, with guidance from His Holy Word, which he inspired 60 authors, over a 1500 period, to reveal to us, who believe, what is sin and what is not. This is not “judging” as you call it. Homosexuality is a sin that leads to destruction. This is not a judgement, this is a God-loving obedient Christian calling sin what it is, warning that you will be judged, not by anyone on this forum, but by God alone. Look at it as your lifeline and take hold of it. Roman 14: 12.

    • John says:

      Your opinion regarding judgement differs greatly from Paul’s. That in itself is interesting since you’re both receiving guidance from the same saviour.

      You expose yourself as not just institutionally homophobic but homophobic down to your core with the words “Homosexuality, to me at that time, was not sin but simply wrong”. “Simply wrong”. Those words have been used about so many things in the past – women voters, abolition of slavery to name a couple. No two words show more ignorant, pig-headed condemnation of an entire group of people.

      If the bible really is the instruction manual for your life (repetition alert – sorry), how are you doing with its instructions about the fabrics you can wear, abstaining from eating meat at the right times, and giving all your wealth to the poor?

      • Alex says:

        I don’t know Paul or what kind of a Christian he is. There are many kinds in the world today. I am a born-again, Bible-believing Christian. The title is much mis-represented today. As mentioned previously, since the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christians no longer live under the law but under His grace. He paid the price of all your sin, and mine, on the Cross. I believe that! Do you? I suspect your “education” has blinded you from comprehending such a simple concept. You will need to get a better handle on God’s Word before we proceed, John. I suspect you are looking at it from a position of darkness……….. but I am not judging!

      • Paul says:

        It is so predictable when “phobia” is placed behind something that is denounced as sin to shame the person discerning the immorality as fearful. Homophobia is yet another term, like Islamophobia which seeks to silence opposite opinions as arising from fear. I am not frightened of homosexuals because I am one. I just know I haven’t met a monogomous couple in my many years of experience. Gay’s can’t remain faithful because unlike heterosexuality the homosexual is neurotic and craves male bonding. Once the romance rapidly wears off most Gay men are on the lookout for sexual and emotional connections with other men (or the search for prince charming to rescue them).

        • John says:

          Please reread Alex’s post. He thought homosexuality was “simply wrong” before he even came into contact with christianity. My comments were aimed at this statement. How wonderful life must be for someone who has the confidence to make such (again) judgements about entire groups of people. I don’t know how much contact he’d had with gay people when he came to this conclusion but if I had to hazard a guess from experience I’d say little to none. In this case he’s lucky to be supported – tenuously – by religion. If he thought interracial marriage, for example, was “simply wrong” then he’d be somewhat more hard pressed to find an institution to back him up.

          You say all gay people are neurotic, which is a mental disorder. The entire medical profession disagrees with you, and is unanimous in its findings that homosexuality is not a mental disorder. Even you seem to finally agree (albeit with the word “most”) that not all gay men fit your stereotype. So how can you condemn the whole (non-celibate) group?

          • Alex says:

            John: I did not condemn a group of people. I was speaking out against the choice they have made to practice a homosexual lifestyle. I do not have the power to condemn anyone! Only God can do that and He will do so someday, to those who have refused to accept Him. It is wrong to judge people but, according to His Word it is OK to discern and identify sin, as described in His Holy Word, and then to speak out against it. Neither, did I say anywhere that they are all “neurotic”! Their may be such a person as a neurotic homosexual but I expect their may also be neurotic “straights”. I just don’t know any of either persuasion. That has nothing to do with a person’s choice of lifestyle. On the surface, many homosexuals appear “normal” by my definition. They go to work and pay their taxes, they are law-abiding and cause no problems. However, In their hearts, I think they know they are “different” and I suspect there are many who feel trapped and would like to come out of that sinful life. Good news! There is a way! I have known and heard of many homosexuals who have trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and turned from that sinful lifestyle. Adam Hood is one of them. As far as I know, they now living happy, productive lives, raising normal children in a Godly marriage to one of the opposite sex. This is not to say that my life, or their lives, are problem free. We will all experience difficulty and hardship as we travel through this life. But, for those who trust Him, He will walk with them through the tough times and will make them stronger as a result. And, for those who believe and do the best they can to be obedient, He promises an eternity with Him, free of sin, sickness, worry…. with perfect bodies. Eternity is a long time, my friend. Think on that as you continue your sinful lifestyle. God, who created all living creatures knows us better than we know ourselves. Even the animals know better. Go to a farm and see if you can find two chickens that can make an egg, two mares that can make a colt, two cows that can make a calf. Two female dogs that can make a puppy. They know, instinctively, that it is wrong and will never happen, so they don’t even try! We are designed to be smarter and above the animals but many are taking a long time to figure it out! I am a senior citizen and I can recall a time when we called it what it was…..SIN! There were other words for it but “gay” was not one of them. The word “gay” had a totally different meaning in the 40′s and 50′s. Something has changed over the past 50 years but God’s Word remains the same as ever. For those who are ready to come out of that sinful lifestyle, He provides a way to do so and the instructions for a happy, productive, Godly marriage are as close as the nearest KJ Bible and your local Bible-believing church. Check it out. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

          • Brian says:

            Alex says he (she?) “did not condemn a group of people” but then goes on to basically say that God will condemn them. The logic here is hard to believe. Basically, Alex seems to claim to speak for God. “It’s not my fault that God judges you,” Alex might say, “it’s just the way it is!”

            Well, Alex’s God is not my God. My God does not condemn people for loving one another.

            There are lots of other mistakes in Alex’s characterization of gay people. Alex calls it a “choice” and a “lifestyle” and unquestioningly labels the lives of all gay people “sinful life.” The arrogance of Alex’s characterization makes me want to hurl.

            The preponderance of scientific evidence is that sexual orientation is not a choice, but it is something that an integral part of one’s character, probably determined early in life, based on a variety of factors, including genetics. The notion that homosexuality is a “lifestyle” is predicated solely on stereotypes of gay people. Can you imagine the absurdity of labeling “the heterosexual lifestyle”…. as if all heterosexuals behaved exactly the same?

            What, exactly, is that “gay lifestyle” in Alex’s mind? I’d be willing to bet it includes all the negative stereotypes of gays you can think of; that they’re all promiscuous, self-indulgent, pleasure-seekers. I doubt Alex is even thinking about committed gay couples, some with children, who want nothing more than the right to be treated equally under the law and left alone.

            Alex does say something about gays knowing “in their hearts, that they are ‘different’.” Well, bravo. So, too, are African Americans and left-handed people in our culture. Isn’t it time we got over that?

            Alex says “even the animals know better,” completely ignoring the huge body of evidence showing homosexuality in the animal kingdom. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals

            Alex also seem to imply that only matings that produce offspring are Godly or worthwhile. Following on that logic, I guess God condemns infertile heterosexual couples. (PS, One might argue, in a world where resources are strained to their limit due to the population explosion, that those who don’t reproduce are doing the planet–and the rest of us–a favor!)

            Alex says s/he is a senior citizen and can “recall a time when we called it what it was…SIN!”

            Well, Alex, I also know there was a time when people fervently believed the earth was flat, and that black people were only 3/5ths human. The Church condemned Galileo as a heretic for saying the earth revolves around the sun.

            Does Alex want to go back to those days, too?

          • John says:

            Brian: Bravo. I have nothing to add.

            Alex: Re-read my comment. I was replying to Paul. Please read my reply to your post from September 13, 2010 at 11:19 am. I messed up and forgot to post it as a reply.

      • Paul says:

        “Homophobic” is a name to label and control people. If they disagree with homosexual practices they are labelled and therby marginalised. Sex outside marriage by straight’s Gay’s or whoever is sin by the traditonal reading of the scriptures. A straight man bored by his wife who has sex with another is a sinner and so are men and women who have sex outside heterosexual marriage.

      • A Freeman says:

        John and Angie.

        The use of homophobic as measurement for morality is implying that our standard of holiness and God’s are the same. We humans historically have as a majority preferred to make a god in our own image that reflects our values instead dealing with the truth shown clearly in the written scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit. We rejected truth because it often condemns our choices as sin. Sin much more than about the act. What made eating the fruit in the garden so wrong and a sin that has lead to all the evil in the world. What made it so wrong? It was a harmless fruit. It was appealing and even opened Eve’s to be open-mind about life knowing both good and evil. Most of the arguments for the gay lifestyle on based on the same approach generally involving personal perspective of right and wrong instead of the objective definition of sin as given to us by God. In the same satan whispers to us all the same arguments such as why should two loving person be condemn for following their feelings and being unrestrained? Christ told us that his way was narrow and few be on it. Be honest with yourselves. Sin has consequences whether physical as STDS, emotional and spiritual which is for a eternity and God will judge us one day. God sends his messengers but most people will mock them or reject them as often happened in the bible. Christ love us and came to set us from the power of sin which dwells in us all. Sin does not have to define me since regeneration by faith in Christ makes me a new person can experience a life better than any experience on earth. Love tells you the truth because satan is an angel of light deceiving most.

  2. John says:

    OK, perhaps I was overly hyperbolic in my last post. I realise that these rules which were once a matter of heaven and hell are invalid since god sent his own son to die the most agonising, painful death imaginable. I still don’t quite understand why the agonising death was necessary to appease a loving, all-powerful god – this has been a point contention every time it comes up in conversation with a christian. Maybe you can enlighten me on this.

    Anyway, giving all your wealth to the poor was one of Jesus’ teachings. How’re you doing with that one? Well, you’re sitting at a computer. I suppose it’s your computer, in your house?

    Also this has just crept off-topic, with your decision not to address my on-topic comments in my previous post. I’d like to try and pull the focus back on topic before this turns into another endless believer/non-believer debate, the like of which can be found wherever you look on the internet.

    • Paul says:

      I am afraid I have met many Gay men who are realists and we all admit Gay men are almost universally unfaithful. Homosexuality isn’t like a same sex heterosexuality. My parents have been married and faithful for 53 years. That could never be said of Gay men. Oh yes, many stay as partners for years but they keep their relationship going with an ‘open relationship’ or they have ‘group sex’ together etc. That is totally unacceptable by God’s standards. Jesus preached hell fire more than any other person in the OT or NT. This humanist milk sop preached by so many liberals today isn’t the biblical Christ, who died a foul and bitter death to save us from Hell.

      • John says:

        You’re far from the only gay-hating gay person in the world, that’s for sure.

        Are you honestly happy to say of yourself that you couldn’t commit to a monogamous relationship? As a gay man I know that’s exactly what I’m looking for, and I know many gay men and women who feel the same, so it’s kind of bizarre to read that.

        Ultimately though, this monogamy issue is irrelevant. The vast majority of people straight and gay have sex with multiple partners before marriage, if they marry at all. As a rationalist and a humanist I see no problem with this as long as any such activity is practised legally and safely. If I was a christian this would make it difficult for me to condemn gay people for promiscuous activity any more than straight people.

        I still don’t understand why the foul and bitter death of his own son was required by all-powerful, loving god to forgive the people their sins. But I don’t think I’ll get an explanation any time soon and asking for it here was off-topic anyway.

        • Paul says:

          Oh yes, I used to want a totally faithful Gay relationship but once the sexual honeymoon period wears off Gay men crave ‘outside encounters’.

          There are loads of liars out there who want you to believe Gays are monogomous after donkey’s years of being in a relationship but that is garbage. It may convince a heterosexual but I know otherwise. I have NEVER met a monogomous couple after the ‘honeymoon’ period. They either have a discrete ‘open’ relationship, tell lies, use porn together or do group sex (three-somes) to keep the passion alive.

          Even research by Gay affirming secular sociologists affirmed that five years was the longest ANYONE in the sample group remained faithful and they were the exceptions that prove the rule.

          I have heard so many commentators state “I know couples who are faithful.” Yes, so do I for the first few months or couple of years but it NEVER lasts. However, I don’t hear from those themselves who claim to be faithful and who have been in a relationship for many years. Mind you if I did, from what I know by my own experience I would feel sorry for them cos the other partner must be lying if he has said he is faithful.

          I know Gay couples who are ‘emotionally faithful’ ie: they don’t get emotionally involved with those they have sex with, or only use pornography. But I KNOW from bitter experience Gay men shag around after the ‘honeymoon’ period.

          • John says:

            Paul, I’m very sorry for your “bitter experience”. It must hurt indescribably to find out that someone you’re devoted to has betrayed you by being unfaithful.

            However, this phenomenon is not unique to homosexuals, and not true for all homosexuals, and so can’t be held against homosexuality any more than it can heterosexuality. Right?

            It’s upsetting to hear that you are not willing to even take into account any amount of anecdotal evidence of faithful couples, and dismiss such accounts as lies. With this attitude your skewed perception of homosexuals and homosexuality in general is hardly surprising.

      • I need to introduce you to the GLBT Christians I know (and MANY not Christians) who ARE faithful. I know close to 1000 GLBT Christians. Your assessments are not accurate within my relationship knowledge and experience. Also, check out scripture reconciliation on my blog at http://www.canyonwalkerconnections.com

        • Kathy,

          Romans 1:24-29 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 clearly bring the Christian Church view of Homosexuality. It is a sin. Thus we ought to love gays, we are command to do so, live with them, welcome them but never are we to lie to them namely you can be a true follower of Christ and yet choose to stay the way you.

          Kathy I believe you are wonderful image reflector of God and you are in this position because of your huge love yet we ought to ask ourselves What If the orthodox Church View on Homosexuality is true, namely that it is Sin, how are we going to answer for not telling them the true.

          If the church view is wrong, godspeed Kathy, do what you do best and my our Lord keep you to the end.

          In Christ,

          • Johan says:

            With respect to your right to interpret Scripture for yourself, I must add to your statement the following caveat. Many of the modern versions of those Pauline passages you cite render them to indicate that homosexual behavior is the target. (Many, but not all.) Within the linguistic and cultural context of the time those epistles were written, the verdict is much less clear. Compelling arguments for other translations exist, and of course the cultural context of the day did not match our own cultural concepts of sexuality and gender roles.

            Given that, you might investigate Kathy’s arguments as well as religioustolerance.org to view a limited array of the arguments against the traditionally anti-homosexuality translations of those passages.

            Furthermore, while the Bible is certainly a holy book, many of the things Paul said (women being silent, whose heads should be covered/uncovered in church, recommendations for circumcision, etc.) are not universally applied in identical fashion and are sometimes outright ignored in favor of a way of life that the believer in question feels aligns more closely to the larger spirit of the Word.

        • Paul says:

          Oh dear, there is sucker born every minute. The Gay couples who claim to be faithful after ‘years together’ are either liars or they are so old sexd has ceased to matter. Gay’s can be emotionally faithful, ie: they stay together and care deeply for one another but the sex fizzles unless they spice it up with porn, open encounters (secret or agreed), or group stuff together to spice it up (ie: three-somes). Gay men are not monogomous after the ‘honeymoon period’.

          • Whoa! I’ve never met someone who knew the ENTIRE queer community, globally! It’s quite an impressive feat, Paul, to be able to judge millions and millions of individuals with blanket statements like this. Yours are the most fascinating comments on homosexuality I’ve heard/read in years.

      • I have several very good friends – gay couples – who have been in committed, monogamous relationships for 10, 25 and 35 years, respectively. The assertion that gay men aren’t faithful is (a) largely anecdotal, but (b) where it is true, is largely a result of a marginalized subculture that’s been kept in the closet. When the only (so-called) “safe” and accepting places are gay clubs and bath houses, it’s ridiculous to assume healthy relational dynamics would develop. My gay friends who never engaged in that sex-culture never developed those unhealthy relational habits (and I agree: those are unhealthy). The ones who did have struggled to get out of that cycle.

        SURPRISE: the exact same can be said of my straight friends. The ones who practiced monogamy in their dating lives are monogamous today. The ones who didn’t, aren’t.

        This is largely not an orientation issue, but a broader issue of sexual behavior and relationship habits. I believe in healthy, monogamous, marital sexuality. Which is why I support marriage equality for my queer friends who are not very different from me.

        Paul, I appreciate that you’ve been through this process personally, and that gives you a unique vantage. But it is not the only vantage. I don’t begrudge your experience, but as I said before, there are billions of Christians and thousands of denominations, and they don’t all resonate with what you’ve come to believe so firmly. There are multiple interpretations of scripture, and multiple theological models for our relationship to God through Jesus Christ. That’s not an opinion: there are literally thousands of ways Christians have come to understand God. The only common denominator is that Jesus Christ loves us, and that we are free through his humanity and his divinity.

        • Paul says:

          Bless you. There is a sucker born every minute it seems. A monogomous couple after the first months or years, that is funny! Gay men don’t do sexual monogomy. Oh yes, they can be emotionally faithful but they spice up their love life elsewhere or agree to accomodations to keep sex going.

          I remember a Gay couple at a dinner party I held once and they said they were celebrating thirteen years as a couple and one of them announced they were faithful. However, I knew one of them was seeing other guys for sex because someone I knew told me he had had sex with one of the guys in the relationship.

          Gays don’t do monogomy after the romance is cooled off.

      • Subhankar Zac says:

        Hey bitch!!!
        I dont know u nor have any intention of knowing a bitch like u.
        But as per your sick fucking shit opinion about gays being not in a faithful relationship!
        How many fucking gays did u meet?
        there are about 300 to 600 millions gays n lesbians on this planet!
        Dont fucking judge us on the basis of 1.
        In the past Christianity has done many innocent killings, starting from the crusades to the modern day wars!! So, U dont hear me say kill paul!
        Keep ur disgusting opinions to urself!
        And if u are so much into sucking pussy, go ahead! Nobody is stopping u, y did u need to force us?

    • Paul says:

      God didn’t need to be appeased, but as a righteous law maker he does not and cannot break his own laws (he would be schizophrenic if he did). Satan demanded we be punished for our sins. Satan means ‘the accuser’ and he accuses us of all our transgressions of the laws of man and God. Christ died in our place so the law would be fulfilled. He purchased us by his ‘blood’.

  3. Ashuhlee says:

    Goodness gracious… glad everyone here can act like civil adults on the topic. It doesn’t have to be a poop-flinging discussion. “I’m right” vs “You’re Wrong” isn’t helping matters at all. Why argue? Jesus loved/loves all and will continue to do so. To have the church burdened with such matters is not only irresponsible, but un-Christian. Let God deal with the judgments. The enemy wants us to be more concerned with each other than God. And that’s why we all have these issues. Why don’t we focus on Truth shall we? Truth is a MAN- “I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE”. So, if we all meet under one man, maybe we can all stop arguing and dividing the hands and feet of Jesus. Hmm?

  4. John says:

    Ashuhlee, I appreciate the calming influence you’re trying to exert on proceedings, but I don’t feel like this has degenerated into anything like an “I’m right” vs “you’re wrong” argument. I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand the point of view of people like Alex and Paul, but I respect them a lot for their willingness to put their viewpoints and reasoning out there, and talking it through like adults.

    Presumably I’m the “enemy” you refer to in this discussion. That’s certainly an interesting way to put it I suppose. Personally I see you as a fellow human with differing views, nothing more, nothing less. However, I don’t “want” to pit people against each other at all. In fact, I guess I underestimated the divisive nature of christianity, because I really didn’t see that coming.

    What I want is, as the guidelines state, dialogue (British spelling, sorry). I believe in a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions – that’s what this site is for and how human culture and civilisation has progressed to this point. Without it we’re back in the dark ages.

    I’m not out to convert anyone here – and if I was I have a feeling I’d be disappointed. Any belief that doesn’t hold up to a few paragraphs of scrutiny on a webpage wouldn’t be too great of a belief to begin with.

  5. Ashuhlee says:

    The comment I made wasn’t making anyone who is expressing their opinions in this forum an “enemy”. By “enemy” I mean Satan. And, I do not support homosexual marriage. I strictly was saying that, not in just THIS comment section, the whole forum has a few people slinging poo and it isn’t helping the situation. I find dissenting views refreshing, but there’s only one Truth. And Truth isn’t a concept- it’s a man. :) Thanks for your comment. :)

  6. bill says:

    It seems like everyone is complicating an issue that is directly taught in scripture…read Romans 1, I Corinthians 6, etc…

    • John says:

      Not everyone believes in scripture, and some who don’t may think that Adam here has been taken advantage of and sold a lie at a vulnerable time in his life. That’s one of the many complications, Bill.

      Even those who do believe in scripture don’t necessarily take the vague references you mention as fact. Please see the Recycle Your Faith video http://www.recycleyourfaith.com/2009/08/24/the-bible-as-myth/ for just a few reasons why that might be.

      • Alex says:

        John: I did view the video and I believe your friend has underestimated the power of God, as most unbelievers do. Yes, God did breath us into existance. Yes, God did inspire some 60 authors to put His words to paper over a period of 1500 years so would know how we are to live for him and receive eternal life. Yes, God does call Homesexuality sin, clearly, in several places in His Word. I have accepted this book as His word and a guide for my life. This is not to say I am perfect and I live a perfect, sinless life but I strive to do so. Should I fail, I can call on Him, directly and personnally to forgive me (no priest or intermediary required). he hears me and knows me, like a shepherd knows his sheep, and He forgives my sin. It’s a beautiful thing, as I strive to be like Jesus Christ. We will all stand before Him someday. When I get to the end of my life, should I discover it was all a fraud and not true, I have really lost nothing! However, should you and your friend on the vid (I didn’t catch his name)get to the end of your life, and as you stand before Him in judgement to give an accounting of your life and, at that point, you realize it really was true………you have lost everything! Try it John. You will be a part of a very large family of believers, your life will be better and you will wonder how you could have been so foolish as to reject Him all these years. It is only way to avoid the fire. Simple faith, like a grain of mustard-seed. That’s all it takes. I appreciate this great opportunity and priviledge to share Him with you.

        • Brian says:

          Alex, you seem to presume people like John and me are not believers. I can’t speak for John, but I for one AM a believer. I believe in truth and love and wisdom. I believe in a higher power. But I don’t believe in a literal interpretation of an ancient book, written by human beings with political agendas thousands of years ago, that is filled with contradictions and in some cases outright violence and oppression. (Shall we own slaves? Sure!). I’m more interested in spirituality and truth than in blithely following some doctrine that’s been translated, mis-translated and misinterpreted, giving some men’s accounts of what they think God wants. It might feel very convenient for you to say you adhere to the teachings of that book, but I’d bet dollars to donuts you are simply picking and choosing those parts that best suit you. And like many fundamentalist Christians who are more concerned with the WORDS of the Bible than its concepts, you are placing WAY TOO MUCH emphasis on a handful of passages dealing with sexuality….passages which have multiple interpretations and which have nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.

          You might think you are taking the “safe route” by choosing to thump the Bible in this fashion; to use the Bible as a club with which to beat up others. In my view, your approach has little to do with ACTUAL spirituality, and in fact the net effect of all your judgment and condemnation of your fellow human beings is that it takes you further away from God. You may think you’re trying to “help” others, but what you’re doing is turning them off and DISCOURAGING them from a relationship with the sacred. If you were truly concerned for the welfare of your fellow human beings, you’d drop the arrogant “I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong” act, start looking into people’s hearts, and adopt a more compassionate approach.

          I suspect, however, there is no reasoning with someone like you. You are so convinced of your “rightness” that appeals to reason and logic are probably futile. Didn’t we see an extreme example of the outcome of this kind of religious arrogance on 9/11?

          I believe that, if there were a Judgment Day, people who judge, condemn, stereotype, scapegoat, label and blame others (whether they do it of their own free will or use a book to justify it) would be judged most harshly.

          • Alex says:

            Brian; I think everybody is a believer, in something! You believe in a “higher power”. I believe in the God of the Bible. The 9/11 highjackers and radical Muslims believe in another God. Everybody has a “god” they believe in! Donald Trump’s god is money and power. The Bible is as relevant today as it was when it was first penned by men who were inspired by God. People who are not believers in the God of the Bible do not possess the Holy Spirit and therefore are completely incapable of understanding and interpreting God’s Word. God is all about love, compassion, forgiveness, families, One man for one woman for one lifetime. He knew when he created us what was the best way for us to live. As I said, I am not perfect but I am forgiven. I encourage you to find the God of the Bible. He is not far away from you and He is waiting for you to invite Him into your heart. I will be praying that you and John will do that. Find a Bible-believing church, get a good old fashioned King James Bible (revised, not rewritten three times since 1611 so that even you and I can understand it clearly). Try it for 6 months, believe it, accept it as truth and you will never be the same.

    • Brian says:

      Ditto John’s remarks. It might be convenient to blithely accept some narrow interpretation of a religious book that has been translated, mis-translated, edited, and misread over centuries by people with all kinds of political agendas, but it’s not intellectually honest. Isn’t this precisely what Jihadists, who use a narrow reading of the Koran to justify killing innocent people, are doing?

      For those who do believe in scripture, there are competing interpretations of the passages Bill cites. For example, http://www.religioustolerance.org/hom_bibc8.htm

      God gave us brains. It’s time we all started using them.

    • Alex says:

      I am with you Bill. The sad reality is that scripture means nothing to most in America today. Most on this forum have chosen to reject it as truth. This means that most, even though they may call themselves Christian, have no comprehension of what God’s Word says. Without this truth, they are incapable of identifying sin, are too involved in the pleasures of the flesh and have no idea what is waiting for them, as a result.
      The way to destruction (eternity with Satan and his followere) is broad and many will find it. The way to life (eternity with Jesus Christ in Heaven) is narrow and few will find it. Matthew 7: 13-14.

      • Brian says:

        Alex and Bill are more concerned with the WORDS of their holy book than the concepts to which they point. I presume that, since they take LITERALLY the 20th Century English-language translation of a collection of two-thousand-year-old essays, they will be stoning to death the next adulterer they meet.

        • Alex says:

          Brian: That stoning idea would be a good one except for two things:
          (1) While quite legal in old testament times, it is not so today. As a Bible-Christian, I have a responsibility to obey the laws of today, unless they are in conflict with God’s laws. No fear, I will not be stoning anyone, I promise.
          (2) God will take care of those who are disobedient. My only obligation, as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, is to warn of the dangers that lie ahead for you, to make you aware that there will be consequences for your actions and then to pray that you will have the wisdom to listen to and then apply these truths to your own life.

          • John says:

            So to be completely clear here. You’re saying:
            “Yes, I think violently murdering people is a good idea.” That’s worrying, to say the least.

            “I have a responsibility to obey the laws of today, unless they are in conflict with God’s laws”
            According to you, the bible is god’s word, and adulterers should be stoned. So I gotta repeat Brian’s question: what are you waiting for?

        • bill says:


          If i thought the Bible was only a collection of 2000 year old essays I certainly wouldn’t be on Christian website trying to defend what it says. If that’s all you believe it is then why not go watch tv or play golf? Why waste your time?

          • Brian says:

            Why spend my time doing this? Because religious-based bigotry is ruining the lives of people I love. Because a small but vocal minority of right-wing “Christians” is trying to hijack mainstream religion in America with its a unique obsession with homosexuality, and is devoting an immense amount of time, money and energy to vilifying gay people, seeking to oppress gay people, and working to deny gay people equal treatment under the law. This hateful minority of so-called Christians teaches lies about gay people, fueling a climate of violence against gays, and teaching gay people to hate themselves–in some cases so completely that they see suicide as the only way out.

            If you want to understand better what I’m talking about, read the mission statement and some of the articles on the website of the organization Faith in America. http://www.faithinamerica.com/mission.php

            If you want to read some examples of the damage being done by religious bigotry, get this book: CRISIS: 40 STORIES REVEALING THE PERSONAL, SOCIAL, AND RELIGIOUS PAIN AND TRAUMA OF GROWING UP GAY IN AMERICA. http://www.crisisbook.org/book.php

            PS I have no affiliation with Faith in America whatsoever, but I applaud what they are doing and I am happy to help spread the word.

      • John says:

        Please watch the video I posted a link to. Any which way you look at it, the bible is not directly “God’s Word”, as you saw fit to capitalise it.

        The bible has been translated, edited, written and rewritten by people with all kinds of agendas over thousands of years. I really don’t know what else to say. This seems like basic stuff.

        • Alex says:

          John: God is very clear about how he will deal with those who reject Him and also those who tinker with his word. I understand that their have been grammatical corrections and “language updating” in some of the more recent versions but there is a very clear warning to those who add to, or take away from his word. This includes those who alter the doctrines of scripture to suit themselves. Check it out in Revelation 22: 18-19. It really is “basic stuff”!

          • John says:

            Alex: I hate to sound pushy, but did you watch that video yet? I’d be interested to hear your views on it, since the info in there seems like pretty well accepted common knowledge and you’re either missing my point completely or just not bothering to try and take it in.

            If you think interpretation of the bible is basic stuff then I can’t help but question your knowledge of its history. And if you think minor grammar corrections are all the changes that have been made to the bible…I really don’t know what to say to you.

        • Brian says:

          I’d gladly be a John cheerleader. Obviously you have a good head on your shoulders. Great stuff.

    • Subhankar Zac says:

      Why dont u try reading those verses and see whats the thing they are trying to mean in theses verses, then talk to us about sucking boobies!

  7. bill says:

    It’s interesting to read remarks by Christians who are now enlightened so as to interpret scripture to fit their lifestyle. God loves homosexuals,adulterers, thieves, he came to heal the sick, but to reinterpret what God has stated in his word as false is either just plain ignorance, stupidity, or rebellion.

    Why don’t these enlightened individuals who translate parts of the Bible they don’t like as ancient and figurative also translate love your neighbor, or believe on the Lord Jesus the same way? Can I also translate love you neighbor as ancient and figurative, and since science has “proven” evolution now presume that my neighbor is now competition for survival and therefore don’t need to love him?

    Either believe the Bible for what its worth and what it says or don’t and go do what you like but don’t misrepresent it based on an excuse of enlightened mind.

    • Alex says:

      Bill: True, once you have accepted Jesus as your Personal Savior, the Bible becomes “illuminated” to you and is no longer a collection of 2000 year old essays, as you say. And it is true, God loves everybody, including Homosexuals and murderers and thieves and liars. He does not, however, love what they do and promises to deal with that in His own way, in His own time. That is the promise as He has written and preserved it forever in Roman 1: 18-32 and also in 1 Corinthians: 9-20. Please don’t be upset with me. I didn’t write it, I just wanted to let you know what our Creator has to say about that. We all have a choices as to how we live our lives. There will, however, be consequences. I will be praying for you, that you will make “right” choices.

  8. Patrick says:

    wow… this is still going on. How sad, small and pointless.

    To borrow a phrase from Jesus: “You do err, not knowing the Scriptures or the power of God.” (Matt 22:29)

    • John says:

      Patrick’s barging in on a group of people attempting to engage in reasonable, intelligent dialogue only to ignore the issue at hand and throw out a few baseless little insults might just be the “saddest” thing to happen here yet. Thanks anyway for dropping by…

  9. Patrick says:

    John… go back and look at my earlier comments. All the bases have been covered.

    God, Conversion and Christianity is the issue at hand, but I fear this conversation is losing any semblance of intelligence, clarity or compassion.

    Good luck flogging this horse.

  10. Steven says:

    Thank you, Adam for sharing so openly about your journey in life. Your story was very interesting to me because I also have had the revelation that homosexuality is an abomination to God. I hoped that homosexuality was alright with God because I was definitely involved in homosexual activity. Even though I was married to a wonderful woman for 22 years and had been blessed to be the father of 2 amazing children, I was secretly involved in homosexual activity. Three days before my 50th birthday, my wife questioned me regarding my homosexual involvement & to make a long story short – we ended up getting a divorce. This was the beginning of Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah- who breaks every chain and sets the prisoners free of breaking the chains of bondage to a life headed for destruction. It would be such a blessing to me if one day I could meet you face to face & share with you what all God did to deliver me.

  11. I’m a little baffled about the “four views.” None represents an “out,” queer Christian. I appreciate the effort, but it’s not acceptable to have a conversation about LGBT Christians without inviting them to the table. You can do better.

    • Paul says:

      You cannot be an “Out queer Christian” you are either “out and queer” or a Christian. You may think you are Christian but it isn’t Christ you follow it is your human will (thelema). You are in fact a disciple of types like Aleister Crowley, who said, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

      • With the concreteness of that statement, there’s just not anywhere else for us to go in dialogue, then, Paul. And I don’t say that maliciously. All I can say is that there are a lot of Christians who feel differently. With over 2.2 billion Christians in the world, and 38,000 denominations and sects, I hope God manages to accept more than one or two manifestations. Otherwise, we might both be in trouble.

  12. Okay friends,
    I owe you an apology. My friend Adele Sakler (www.Queermergent.com) just gave me a heads up that Rich McCullen HIMSELF is queer. Sorry for the premature response – I didn’t do my homework. Since Rich didn’t say anything about his own orientation in the video, I assumed he was a straight pastor preaching solidarity.

    Props. But I wish there had been an identifier, so we (I) knew the topic was being addressed more holistically.

    (I thought a ‘tail between my legs’ follow up would be better than requesting deletion)

    • Craig says:

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for the followup to your earlier comment. If you watch the clip “Rewind: Rich McCullen”, Rich does actually go into quite a bit of detail about how he came out to his church. Maybe you missed that clip on his page? Also, I wrapped the series up with a clip from Rio, a woman who was kicked out of her christian university after she came out.
      Peter, I’m curious why did you responded so strongly the first time? I’d love to hear what your assumptions were about the intent of the series and how that might have changed after learning that Rich is gay.

  13. Craig, thanks for the response, and the other links. My response is probably just an indication of where my gut has been at lately – it’s a touchy issue, to be sure.

    One of the reasons I was so quick to respond is because of how much gen-X/Emergent/hipster chatter there is on the blogosphere (and in our churches) concerning homosexuality, without really dealing with the issue itself. For example, Lyon’s ‘UnChristian’ book, while good-natured and certainly well-intentioned, talks a lot about the stereotype of Christianity as “anti-gay,” and laments that, but it doesn’t deal at all with the theological underpinnings of that view. I realize the content of the book was not theological, but it seems like spinning wheels to say, “We’ve got to get Christianity beyond this homophobic reputation,” while still maintaining, “even though homosexuality IS clearly sinful.” UnChristian is a great demonstration of a more compassionate evangelicalism, but intolerance of our LGBT sisters and brothers is the natural, largely inevitable result of holding to a theological framework that condemns what some of us believe is an innate identity. I’m not sure we can have it both ways.

    There have been several other books out recently that do much the same: “it’s horrible the way LGBT people are treated. What’s even WORSE than that is judgmentalism/divorce/arrogance/hatred/etc…” It’s focusing on the plank in our own eyes, but it’s not dealing with whether the underlying question is problematic. There is a genuine fear (understandably, from an evangelical perspective) to actually rethink the issue at its roots: is it sin at all? Certainly, to say it isn’t sin is going to shut down dialogue with some folks, as I’ve found out. I’ve had a few relationships (and some fellowship) suffer in the last couple of years.

    Talking about the issue openly (from whatever position) is better than sitting in our bunkers and throwing grenades at everyone else – which was not my intention here. Again, my assumption in watching the videos was that a queer Christian perspective had once again (because it’s quite common) been left out of the conversation. I did watch Pastor McCullen’s video, and while he was affirming, he didn’t identify himself as queer, so I made a [too] quick assumption. Learning that Rich is gay may not change the objective meaning of his words in the video, but it changes the context of the conversation modeled here, which I very much appreciate.

    Again, I’m fine with even hipster-Emergent churches talking about homosexuality (I probably fall into this camp myself, personally) but I am passionate about inviting our “other” sisters and brothers to the table to share their stories. In the same way, it’s inappropriate for a bunch of men to talk about the issues facing women in the church today, without bringing women to the table — or for a bunch of white people to talk about what Christians from racial minorities need. They all need to be part of the dialogue. I appreciate that you’re doing this, and will do my homework next time.

    Thanks bro,

    • Craig says:

      Good stuff here, Peter. I wholeheartedly agree that all sides must be invited to the table in order for real conversations about homosexuality (or gender equality, racial equality, etc.) to happen. I’ve recently been encouraged as I’ve noticed this happening a bit more, but I’m also a bit disappointed that people generally don’t seem to be interested in these kinds of conversations without some aspect of the conversation including some “grenade” slinging. This conversation on Recycle Your Faith is a good example. 200,000 people tuned in to watch an ex-gay wearing an ascot talk strongly about sin, but less than 5,000 tuned in to watch Rich’s story about how he told his church that he is gay. My theory is that people didn’t latch on to Rich’s story as much, partly because he wasn’t launching grenades, but also because his bio didn’t describe him as being a “gay pastor”. He doesn’t want to be known as a gay pastor (or his church as a gay church), so tried to let that come out more naturally in his videos. I bet the videos would have been viewed more had I set him up that way, but I question whether the ensuing conversation would have been very productive. Which brings me to my next point…”productive conversation” in my mind doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone’s views are changed, but that everyone is more understood. I think much of the harm caused from either side of many of these issues could be sidestepped with a little bit of understanding, but that’s just a theory:-)

  14. Benjamin Ady says:

    I never would have imagined, some 300+ comments in, that anything very interesting would come out of this thread–I had given up on it. I’ve been pleasantly delightedly surprised–thanks Peter and Craig =).

  15. Paul says:

    I lived a Gay lifestyle for years but returned to Christ. I am imperfect and still fall into sin BUT I call it what it is, SIN. I cannot baptise sin so it is righteous behaviour. Homosexual practices are sin but God is a God of relationship with saved sinners. The life of King David shows this. David was a wonderful boy and man of God but also an appalling sinner on many occasions but he kept coming back and bowing the knee (Read Psalm 51).

  16. D Highland says:

    I completely disagree with this video. You are born with homosexuality and I don’t see how an omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent God could hate you for what he gave you.

  17. JJ says:

    Actually, Paul makes a pretty good and obvious observation about the length of gay relationships and the lack of sexual activity. Its almost always the case that if you have a gay couple in their 30s or older who are together for a significant length of time that they just don’t have sex anymore. They move beyond that as being part of their relationship. From the older gays I have talked with and also from what others have shared from their feedback of older gay couples this appears to be a generally widespread phenomena.

    • Brian says:

      Your statement, “Its [sic] almost always the case that if you have a gay couple in their 30s or older who are together for a significant length of time that they just don’t have sex anymore,” is conjecture. Do you have any research to back it up? How many gay couples do you (or Paul) really know? We can already see from Paul’s comments above that he’s insanely biased.

      I’d be willing to believe there studies showing that sex lives of couples–gay or straight–wane as their relationships age. However, unless you can show me empirical research that there is some statistical difference in the frequency-of-sex for gay vs straight couples, I’ll have to conclude you are making assumptions based on stereotypes.

  18. Emilio says:

    If you are used to eat something you like, even though this meal could hurt your health (there is a lot of unhealthy “good” meals”), you won’t see the damage until you show the signals of enfermity. Is the same with sin. As you are used to sin, you wont notice the signals of dissaproval from God until you accept you feel unhealthy before God. Let’s pray that God may show us how unhealthy can sin be that it not only can separate us eternally from the love instructions of healthy living before God, but could lead us to phisically, emotionally and spiritually enfermities. Let’s receive healing from repentance accepting the powerful name of Jesus and his blood. Amen. Jesus LOVES you!

  19. Subhankar Zac says:

    OK…. who ever thinks he is a straight can suck my dick!
    He is clearly brainwashed! He is clearly a sick psycho man. I mean look at the story of this mother-fucker??
    God came to him and had a conversation with him!! wow….
    Well. I Can tell u this, If I ever get my hands on him, I wil have no problem ripping this bitch to a hundred pieces!!!
    Fuck-whores like him are the only fucking reason for the church to attack us more!
    If Jesus was so against homosexuality, dont u think he would have said something about this while he was here?
    And the point that devil and hell is real.
    Give a good look at Job 1:6, where Satan is one of the sons of God and in heaven.
    Jeremiah 6:19 gives a very good point on evil and who creates it.
    Deuteronomy 30:15 too gives a reference to the evil and where does it come from.
    Deuteronomy 30:19.
    Isaiah 45:7 is the best example so far to show who creates evil!
    So Good himself contradicts his verses??

  20. AC says:

    Thanks for sharing the truth!which is rare!

  21. a. says:

    Lev. 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”1
    Lev. 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them”
    1 Cor. 6:9-10, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”
    Rom. 1:26-28, “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”

    For your information!These verses are translated from the Hebrew and are the same except the placement of the words.
    Everyone thinks they know God!Stop cropping your sin to fit into Gods view, it’s not going to work. Guess we will all know when judgement day comes till then 1 is wrong and the other is right!
    Look it’s very clear what the bible says… No one come and tell me about David and Johnatan or Naomi and Ruth!There is no biblical evidence for that. There is more biblical evidence for homosexuality being a sin.

  22. Wow! A., thanks for pointing out these clobber texts, I’m sure none of us with differing theological conclusions was aware of them. It’s good to be reminded that there is only one way to interpret the Bible.

    Although, that does make our countless ecclesial and theological traditions confusing…

  23. a. says:

    Please…. Interpret the bible but don’t change it :D I don’t understand how someone can take those verses out of context!They are self explanatory , please enlighten me how you can make something else out of them.

  24. None of this will convince you; I have no interest in arguing. Only suggesting that there are millions of Christ-loving, spirit-filled Christians who believe differently than you. We’ve done our homework too, and we can spend all day throwing texts at each other to no avail. I believe the modern inerrantist reading of the Bible is an inherent “changing” of its purpose and intent. Scripture has been used both to justify and to condemn slavery, misogyny, war and apartheid. Martin Luther said, “To go against conscience is neither right nor safe,” so both of us stand at an impasse, praying for the Holy Spirit to better-illuminate the situation.

    Here’s a beginning reading list. There’s much, much more…

    Cheng, Patrick S. “Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology”

    Cobb, Michael. “God Hates Fags: The Rhetorics of Religious Violence.”

    Goss, Robert. “Jesus Acted Up: A Gay and Lesbian Manifesto.”

    Goss, Robert and Mona West. “Take Back the Word: A Queer Reading of the Bible.”

    Helminiak, Daniel A. “What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality.”

    Stuart, Elizabeth. “Religion is a Queer Thing: A Guide to the Christian Faith for Lesbian,
    Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered People.”

    Wink, Walter. “Homosexuality and Christian Faith: Questions of Conscience for the Churches.”

  25. a. says:

    I have done all my homework too , but sometimes you just need to get back to basics. I have studied the Christian views of homosexuality of many, people that agree their arguments and people that disagree and so on , I have my own views on it but to me , with a scientific mindset it makes much more sense what I believe , not because I was told to, not because I grew up in a christian home and not because i am legalistic simply because getting to know Gods character , studying , and accepting that the specific belief has more factors for rather than against. Christianity today has become a way of taking things out of context to fit each ones desires or needs , to justify every persons sin , people don’t obey God they use Him /his word to justify their sinful lifestyles constantly taking everything out of context, rare have become the times when sin is mentioned. My opinion on Christianity today…

  26. John says:

    The words “with a scientific mindset” do not belong in a statement like yours above.

  27. a. says:

    :)))) you all make me laugh. All i have said is that to the way my mindset is “studying , and accepting that the specific belief has more factors for rather than against.” its logic . I chose to accept the belief that has more factors for than against what part of that did you not understand?.

    And its Mrs. :)

  28. Ryan Selleck says:

    No it’s not I’m 12 years old have a loving father NOT on drugs and I’m gay. Do I really affect your life so much. Being gay is a good thing and so is being straight. I’m not picking a fight here I’m only stating that your claims are wrong. I do not like ppl who hate me but I will never say that I hate them. Hate is such a strong word and I will let you have your beliefs if you do to mine. But on top of that I did not choose to be gay and many scientists have proven that it is a genetic thing so I dislike your claim but I will never hate the ppl who say it.

  29. Ryan Selleck says:

    You were never gay. The only time that you thought you were gay was wham you were high on drugs god did not redeem you, you were always straight.

  30. Sharon says:

    God bless you…they hate Donnie McLurkin too…keep going brother :)

  31. Alex says:

    It is hard to believe you folks are still duking it out after all these years. As a Bible-believing, born again Christian I can say, with authority, God has declared homosexuality to be SIN. Therefore, on the authority of His Word, The Bible, so do I! Before you get all upset with me, read Romans 1: 18-32 and also 1 Corinthians 6: 9-20. There are many verses dealing with this topic but I just found those quickly. I like the King James Version, which is crystal-clear. A modern-version, The Message, written by men, roughly based on God’s Word, is even more harsh and may be easier for some of you to understand. The message is the same. In other parts of scripture He instructs us on the importance of marriage (one man to one woman for one life) and that any form of sex outside of that union, is sin! Here is the promise!! If you turn from your wicked ways (homosexuality and many other sins, lying, cheating, stealing, etc, etc) receive and accept God and His Son Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior, he will take up residence in you in the form of The Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit will illuminate all sin in your life. You will know immediately when your are tempted to do it. Furthermore, He will convict you of it and lead you out of it. As your reward, you will have a truly happier life and you will get to spend eternity (that is a very long time) with Him and your family and loved-ones who also have believed and have tried their very best to be obedient, in an indescribable place the Bible calls Heaven. I understand it is hard for our feeble minds to comprehend, but this same Holy Spirit will make His Word, the Bible much clearer to you and it will all be so clear and so simple, you will not believe you rejected it for so long. Now, here is the kicker, if you continue to live in that sinful lifestyle, ignoring all these warnings, you will leave this life and will spend it in a place the Bible calls The Lake of Fire. This is not a place you want to be because, once there, you can’t get out and, like I said eternity is a very long time to suffer. I understand you may be thinking, the Bible really doesn’t say this and Alex is just plain wrong. I urge you to take a closer look into what I have said, get a good Bible and study it. Do it now, make a decision to get the sin out of your life, join the billions who have done so and declare victory over homosexuality and all forms of sin. Then encourage those around you whom you love, to do the same, you will never be sorry. You have absolutely nothing to lose! It’s a win, win for you. You only gain! Better, more fulfilling life, eternity in Heaven. He is our only Hope, the most excellent way. Without God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit to lead and to guide, their is no hope!! Go get a Bible now, get into it, find a Bible-believing church of sinners, just like you and learn and encourage each other. That’s it. Easy!! God Bless You.

    • John says:

      If there was any evidence to support your presupposition that the bible is anything other than a litany of poorly translated falsities, you might have a valid point. If.

  32. nomygod says:

    I love his outfit, I think I saw it once before in Priscilla The Queen Of The Desert.

  33. Lynne says:

    Please move over to a real Christian place like ‘Church Salt, Exit Churchanity, The Garden Baltimore, etc. This is a site disguised as a ministry that brodcasts apostates. This is like having a discussion (no debates please) on: Adultery…is it a sin…3 perspectives’ or Pedophillia, thievery, murder, etc. Who in their right & sound mind would listen to a wolf crying ‘look here…I’m a wolf’? And some actually still wonder if the Falling Away is happening now? Lol-sad & dangerous:O

  34. miss b says:

    Bless you bunches Adam !!!!! Thank you Lord for this amazing new creature in Christ ! yayyyy !

  35. Angie Pimentel says:

    Wow, people here sound bitter and hurt. If you are homesexual, you are a sinner, if you are an adulterer, you are a sinner too and God will punish both the same. The Bible is God’s way of communicating to us, warning us of evil and reminding us of His promises so that we can overcome evil. If we want a closer relationship with Him, we need to earn it. If we want answers, we need to pray and God will answer. He does not want us to judge each other. He wants us to love, respect and honor each other. There is an evil soul out there acusing God of being a lier. His laws are clear like the sky. Eve was deceived by Satan, what make us believe that he is not doing the same with us. We need to be faithful and believe that God gave us the Bible for us to get to know what is coming to us. Be patient, if God says, don’t do this or that, it’s for our own good. Is not because our Father God wants to oppress us from a good life. Would you let your kids have what will hurt them in the long run? He said to be fruitful and multiply and to treat your mate as your own flesh. Would you hurt yourself if you love yourself? God is all about LOVE! Enjoy your life and let others see the light with your kindness. Merry Christmas!

    • Brian says:

      Angie, comments like yours are precisely the reason why people are bitter and hurt. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth. You say, on the one hand, that “God does not want us to judge each other. He wants us to love.” Yet in the previous breath, you condemned all gay people as sinners, saying God will “punish” them.

      “But Brian,” I can hear you say, “it’s not ME that’s judging, it’s GOD! The Bible clearly says homosexuality is a sin!”

      Ang, the Bible says a lot of things, including that it’s OK to sell your daughter into slavery, that it’s an abomination to eat shellfish, and that an adulterer must be stoned to death. Oh and, by the way, in the Bible, polygamy is the norm.

      You, and others like you, pick and choose the portions of the Bible that support your biases. It’s that simple. And then you use your version of the truth to go around condemning other good people.

      Is that what a good Christian does?

      I would suggest, Angie, that you know nothing—absolutely nothing—of the people you are so quick to condemn. Have you ever gotten to know a gay person? Can you fathom opening your mind enough to try to learn something about actual, real-life gay people—people who have loving relationships and live lives not unlike your own? I’ll bet dollars to donuts that what you think you know is based entirely on stereotypes and negative propaganda.

      You say God wants people to love. And yet you go around condemning people who love individuals of the same sex.

      The Bible also says, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “judge not lest ye be judged.” Too many right-wing Christians and narrow-minded fundamentalists seem to have forgotten those core messages. And THAT, my dear, is why people are bitter and hurt. And why they live lives of self-hatred, like the poor man in this sad video.

    • John says:

      Angie, if you think god’s “laws” are “clear like the sky”, you have obviously never read the bible. Said book is full of ramblings about what fabrics it’s okay to wear, what kind of stuff we can eat on which days. This is all conveniently swept under the rug as a matter of convenience as the majority of people would like to wear what they want and eat what they want, and we recognise that short of going naked and frightening old ladies or eating babies for breakfast, these things are not going to hurt anyone.

      Then we come to homosexuality, which represents a minority group of people. Suddenly you have no real personal stake in whether or not it should be allowed because you’re not gay, and your son better damn well not be either, so let’s go right with what the bible (rather tenuously) says on that one, amirite?

      And this doesn’t just go for gay people. Look back in history, and see the abuse to which minority groups have been subjected simply because they don’t have the numbers to stand up for themselves. It’s not always been at the hands of religious groups, but they’re the only ones bold enough, when challenged on the issue, to simply say “nahhh you got me all wrong, I don’t hate you, I just hate who you ARE…oh, and I’d quite like to deprive you of all your rights”.

      If you looked at this situation for one second with an open mind, maybe you would see the hypocrisy here, and spare a thought for the ones in the minority every once in a while. But admittedly, it will be much easier to live your life until the day you die believing that you’re so much better than them damn, dirty gays.

  36. angie says:

    John, I am so sorry for people like Alex and Paul, oh bless their hearts, you know God must be a patient, loving being if He is willing to put up with so much ignorance and non sense from whom claim to be His people.
    Bottom line: Jesus said Love. He did not stutter. He did not say unless they are gay or women or black or a democrat or left handed. The apostles can say a lot of things in their letters and epistles, (like remember that funny time when peter said we should be calling our husbands ‘master’ and wearing head coverings before praying? did you a solid John and quoted a thing that we ignore in the New Testament since Christians love countering your argument on fabrics and silly dietary restrictions with a ‘its the old testament, we are not bound by the law cus you know, Jesus.) but bottom line is do we follow Paul or Peter or John or do we follow Jesus wholeheartedly and LOVE?
    Love. that is it. the greatest commandment. Love God. Love people. leave judgement, vengeance and whatever else your narrow world views want to hold on to, leave that to Jesus and LOVE.
    btw your driving a car reply, was THE best.

    • John says:

      Angie, your message of love is appreciated, but I haven’t forgotten your previous post and all its fire and brimstone.

      If it really all boils down to “love one another, and treat each other well”, this is not a notion unique to christianity. In fact, it’s how I live my life, along with millions of atheists and those that believe in gods other that the christian one.

      Am I so much smarter than you that I can work out this stuff on my own, when you would apparently be out raping and pillaging were it not for Jesus’ message of love? I have way too much respect for you to believe that. In other words, our innate sense of morality as humans is by and large enough to see us through, and in some cases (when you look at some of the atrocities of the bible) makes us far more moral than the christian god as he is described.

      Of course there’s the “you may not know it, but GOD has instilled those morals in you” angle, but then why do we know damn well that stoning gays to death is not okay while god seems to think it’s what all the cool kids are doing?

      Love each other, yes. Accept each other (where certain anthropological social standards are set), yes. Interfere with each others’ private lives by legislating against minority groups and alienating people to the point where some people’s lives are made a misery (or ended), all the while trying to propagate this attitude of nonacceptance in the name of “love”? Thanks, but not the kool aid for me.

  37. angie Y says:

    Honey, that must have been another Angie, my apologies for not putting a second initial or something, i assumed my manner of writing is enough to differentiate me from well, actually I couldn’t find ‘other angie’s’ comments. But I am sure they were glib.
    I am far from what you see in the above comments that attacked you along with millions of others without knowing nothing about you, not that knowing you personally gives them the right to tell you how to live your life in accordance to a book you dont believe in, I always say quoting the bible to someone that doesnt believe in God is like quoting me a cook book recipe, it means nothing. And I do apologize for their rudeness and lack of love and grace.
    I am all for keeping all religion out of government we shouldn’t tell people whom believe differently than us what to do anymore than a Muslim should tell me to cover my head (dont you all brothers and sisters give me any crap about this country being founded on biblical principles because I really dont want to give you a history lesson nor a lessons on our wonderful Constitution) and I continue to fight for constitutional equalities among all citizens, GLBT rights included.
    I am not here to argue my intelligence nor yours, nor the other commenters nor to convince you of God, His existence or the truth of the Bible. I am sure that like me, you’ve come to your views after plenty research, reason, personal experience and reflection.
    I was simply saying that true Christianity “judges none and loves all” and sorry that others miss the mark (not that I am good at meeting it or anything, hello, I am currently holding utter contempt for those that are attacking you or any number of my dear friends and family be it gay, atheist or whatever in such a vile, ignorant manner) so yeah I was saying sorry that in a site such as this one, that calls for discussion not arguing you are getting shit (oh and she curses too! fire and brimstone be upon me!) that is all.

    • John says:

      Angie Y: On the contrary, I must apologise for writing a post like that without double-checking I was addressing the right person! I saw the two Angies within a couple of posts and jumped the gun.

      I think we’d get along just fine, Angie Y – thanks for being one of the good guys :-)

  38. angie Y says:

    oh God. I found the Laws are clear like the sky angie. yikes.
    We aren’t very familiar with the Bible as a whole now are we?

  39. Angie Y says:

    All is forgiven!
    Aw I don’t know about being a good guy, but as I do love where the Bible says love God with all heart, strengh and hold on now, intelligence(!) as intelligence requires thinking and study, I am painfully aware how we as a church, and Christianity as a whole is the culprit of far too many unloving acts toward all people: that include antisemitism, homophobia, patriarchal views of women, ridiculous moralism, racism, slavery and countless wars, crusades, injustices and murders, when in reality Jesus summed up all laws and requirements with Love. Love God, Love people. Thats all.
    And so (indulge me here as I understand that you do not beleive as i do) I feel it my callling from God Himself to A. Love others and B. take a good look at what we’ve done, expose it for what it is ( ignoring what we were commanded to do by Jesus himself) and to say to folks like you whom are bombarded with this laughable concept ‘holy’ hatred “I’m sorry most of ‘us’ come off as asshats. This is not what Christ taught. You are loved. And there are a few of us that are sober enough to see that only when we recognize the horrors we have beem capable of and repent of them, will we be able to move forward in a more constructive way.”

  40. Victoria peterson says:

    Great viedo thank you for your courage Lord Bless you in this battle there many with you keep on Praising the Lord!!!

  41. Maria says:

    Dear Adam,
    I’m moved by your testimony. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for his love and compassionate that saved us from eternal destruction. I’m happy for you. I don’t care what other people say about your testimony. Adam you do what God called you to do and spread the good news. Those that want to hear the good news then let them hear it!!! But those who want to shut it up and make it go away sorry my friend but it will not happen. God’s word is powerful and sharper as a sword neither Satan can’t defeat it.
    Take care Adam and continue the battle.


    • Brian says:

      Maria says she doesn’t care about what other people say about Adam’s testimony–despite the logic and wisdom of their comments–and then goes on to talk about “the good news” of what she says is “God’s word.”

      Here’s the real good news: In America, most of us are educated enough to know the difference between truth and mythology, most of us are enlightened enough to accept our fellow human beings without judgment, and we all have the freedom to speak out against religious bigotry masquerading as compassion.

      • Maria says:

        Dear Brian,
        My faith is not a religious bigotry. The only thing I stated is that I don’t care about some comments stated toward Adam’s testimony. Like I mentioned I moved by Adam’s testimony and I’m so happy for him. I wish him the best. I will praise God everyday until I died; I could careless what comes out of this world’s mouth. I’m not a hater and just because I don’t agree with this world’s false doctrine, why am I called a hater or bigot? Anyways I’m so happy for Adam and his new family!!

        Praise the Lord All Mighty!!!

        • Brian says:


          I don’t know you, and I don’t presume to know all of what you believe, but your comment praises Adam, who in this video condemns and stereotypes all gay people because of his own strange experiences. I’m not exactly sure what you mean about not agreeing with “this world’s false doctrine,” but you can be sure there are plenty of people who believe Adam’s doctrine (and your doctrine, too, since seem to agree with him) is false.

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  46. Lou says:

    This guy Adam is in brainwashed denial. The drugs have done a number on him for sure. I thought this was satire at first because it is so cheesy and bad. I have never seen such an obviously gay and confused soul. God help him, and anyone who is ignorant enough to believe him.

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