Sadell Bradley wants the bar set higher for becoming a Christian

Enlisting in Christianity

Sadell Bradley
Category: Insiders & Outsiders

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ABOUT THE INTERVIEWEE: Sadell is a licensed minister, dynamic teacher, and worship leader, who ministers locally in Cincinnati, nationally and internationally. In 2012 she and her husband will be planting a church called New City Cincinnati.

I’m generally not a fan of narrowly defining what makes someone a Christian insider or outsider. I don’t think it’s our job to determine who is in and out. Perhaps more importantly, having specific criteria seemingly ignores aspects of faith that change over time or look differently from person to person. That said, I sometimes wish there would be a definitive set of criteria; perhaps an online questionnaire that would determine if you’re officially in or out. There have been several occasions when another person has questioned my “salvation”. Wouldn’t it be great if I could have pulled out my credentials and said “nope, it’s official.” If I didn’t make the questionnaire’s cut, it would at least be freeing to have definitive evidence. That way I could either embrace a new label, or change the things that got me negative marks, if that’s what I wanted. I’m curious to hear your thoughts…


What in your mind qualifies who is and isn’t a Christian? Would you prefer more universal requirements? If so, what would those qualifications entail?