Ken Baney Janis Baney discuss costs of being a good neighbor

Being a Good Neighbor Takes Time

Ken and Janis Baney

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ABOUT THE INTERVIEWEE: Ken and Janis Baney participated in a neighboring campaign organized by Building Blocks, a joint church initiative that encourages and challenges Christ followers to know, and
 even love, their literal neighbors.


How much do you prioritize interactions with your neighbors? What are the associated costs?


2 Responses to “Being a Good Neighbor Takes Time”

  1. karl wheeler says:

    i admit, this is one of the hardest things for me. i am strangely shy and weird about this and i do feel bad about it. i like people, but also for some reason people just scare me. i just dont know why i am scared?
    btw, that is such a cool back drop on the lemonade, and it the hand a professional hand model, it was such a sexy hand!

    • Craig says:

      I don’t remember whose hand that was, but whoever it was I should pay them a LOT of money. Such a masculinely sexy hand.
      Are you scared of people you live with too? (inside joke – my wife and I used to live with the wheelers)

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