Four Perspectives on Homosexuality


Recycle Your Faith Discussion Starters Volume 3: Four Perspectives on Homosexuality
Discussion Starter DVD for Small Groups

CLINT CLINE is the brains behind a number of ad campaigns for pro-family advocacy groups.
>>watch Clint’s video Help Confused as Hate

KATHY BALDOCK is a conservative evangelical who had a change of heart and theology after befriending a gay woman.
>>watch Kathy’s video Reconsidering the Bible and Homosexuality

ADAM HOOD became straight after an encounter with God in San Francisco’s Castro District.
>>watch Adam’s video Homosexuality is a Sin

RICH McCULLEN, a pastor in San Diego, used billboards to apologize to gay Californians after proposition 8 passed.
>>watch Rich’s video On the Wrong Side of History

Have you noticed how quickly a room divides when the topic of homosexuality comes up? From my experience, it seems that people pick their side, hunker down and get ready for a fight. Honest questions are countered with trite answers and talking points. Dialogue is overshadowed by a thick cloud of debate.

I can’t think of one website or resource that presents various points of view and creates a space for dialogue. They all seem to have their mind made up and are justifying their cause. I want to help change that.

I believe that dialogue only happens when all sides are given a voice. The four people I’ve picked for this series most certainly do not represent every voice, but it’s an honest attempt to better represent various points of view. I hope that at least one clip from this series makes you uncomfortable. Try leaning into that clip instead of ones you connect with better. Try to put yourself in that person’s shoes. What would you do?

Trying to soften the debate on this topic may seem idealistic, and it probably is, but I respect people on both sides of this issue too much to settle for anything less. I hope that you’ll join me on this journey, perhaps you’ll even invite some friends into the conversation.

If you’re interested in reading more about how and why I highlighted these four people as well as some afterthoughts on this month-long series, please check out my article Homosexuality: A Pointless Conversation?.

Craig Spinks