Below you’ll find a list of RYF clips banned/censored by various Christian organizations. Recycle Your Faith tries to present various points of view without giving “right” answers. The views presented in our videos may or may not be “right”, but that’s not the point. As a part of Christianity I was taught which views were “right” and which were “wrong” and more subtly taught to ignore or try to change those whose views are “wrong”. Looking back I wish I‘d been taught how to navigate these differences. I wish I had been taught how to respectfully listen, how to participate in open dialog and how to respond when other’s views make me question some of my own views. While it may be easier and more comfortable to ignore our differences, a lot can be gained by learning to live in the tension brought up by these differences. Recycle Your Faith tries to respectfully present various points of view, stir up meaningful conversation and empower people to speak up about their own views, even if it results in a little bit of controversy. -Craig-

Abortion, Lies & Damnation
Running From Religion
The Bible As Myth
Cussing Christian
What’s the Point of Jesus?
Brothel Home Makeover
The Hopeful Skeptic
A Vacation from Beliefs
A Straight Apology
Not an Evangelical Marriage
A Line in the Sand