Applications FRP ceiling panels

Using FRP ceiling panels has several benefits over other materials like metal and wood, but the main one is that these composites can be made to precisely suit a structure, which minimizes waste and increases structural efficiency. Reinforced plastic composites are used in a wide range of daily applications. The robust and flexible properties of composite FRP panels make them perfect for a range of businesses, including restaurants and educational institutions.


Many restaurants have ceiling panels made of fiberglass-reinforced paneling and plastic composites, as well as sections where food is prepared. Because they are not absorbent, sanitary wall and ceiling panels are perfect for use in any busy space where food is handled. Apart from being hygienic, these panels may be obtained in an array of easily cleaned finishes that comply with government standards for locations where food is handled.


In hospital rooms across the nation, one of the most important applications of moisture-resistant composites is found. These incredibly moisture-resistant panels are used to make hospital room doors as well as floors, ceilings, walls, and equipment. While ordinary panels offer a sanitary environment for patients and operating rooms, high-gloss finish panels can be used in waiting areas to create a more aesthetically pleasing space. Infections occur in hospitals in the United States during hospital stays for up to one in every 25 patients. In order to reduce the danger of infection, a hygienic surface is created with FRP panels and flooring.

Plants that process food

Another location where possible pollutants can spread quickly is a food processing factory. Plant owners can reduce the possibility of cross-contamination between meats, fruit, and other food items by utilizing fiberglass-reinforced plastic for all food processing stations.


Schools are frequently described as a haven for microorganisms and disease. By preserving a clean, safe atmosphere for learning and play, FRP panels can safeguard both the student body and the teaching staff. Having FRP paneling in the lunchroom and flooring in the classroom helps to ensure a pleasant and healthy school year.