This is the second week in a four-part series called Four Perspectives on Homosexuality. Each week a different person will be highlighted with a different point of view. A new segment called “Rewind” will also accompany these week’s main video. Rewind segments give you a glimpse into the experiences that have shaped the interviewee’s perspectives. For more information about the Four Perspectives on Homosexuality series click here.

The Biblical interpretations that Kathy briefly unpacks in this clip are more thoroughly explained in articles that you can find on the web. A Google search for “homosexuality and Bible” will pull up information from both sides. Two organizations that have different perspectives and lots of resources are Evangelicals Concerned and Exodus International.

How do you respond to Kathy’s understanding of those passages in the Bible? Do you find her arguments convincing?

How much influence does the Bible have on your views towards homosexuality?

ABOUT THE INTERVIEWEE: Kathy Baldock is affiliated with Affirming Christian Network and has resources and a blog at Canyon Walker Connections.
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